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“We loved working with Jonathan and his team at Eco-Three.” “They were prompt, professional, and genuinely passionate about educating and empowering homeowners on methods to reduce energy costs and create a safe, comfortable home. We’re so very grateful for all their generosity and hard work, and are looking forward to a future of lower utility bills!” –LauraContinue Reading

Found: James Brown’s Home Air Sealing Performance

A recently found video of James Brown has the legendary performer in a public service announcement for home air sealing with blower door, a diagnostic tool used by home performance contractors. The three-minute clip was posted May 8th on the Energy Vanguard blog by Allison Bailes, a home energy efficiency expert and educator in Decatur, Georgia. HisContinue Reading

Cut Home Energy Waste by $50 per Month at Age 50, Bank an Extra $17,343 by 75

National Public Radio graphed data from this paper (PDF) by Princeton economist Mark Aguiar and University of Chicago economist Erik Hurst. The report analyzes non-durable household expenses by age, highlighting home utility expenses and home ownership expenses as the biggest cost households face after about age fifty. This data identifies the utility expense as a key driverContinue Reading