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The Best Way to Prevent Home Water Pipes from Freezing

January cold snaps like the Polar Vortex test the quality of your home construction because it only takes a small defect in insulation and air-sealing to freeze a pipe. Unfortunately, most homes have dozens of places where pipes can freeze because home builders and home buyers rarely pay attention to the thermal performance of a home… Continue Reading

Interactive Home Energy Lesson

Penn State’s College of Earth and Mineral Science Open Educational Resources initiative offers educational resources for students and learner’s worldwide. Instructor Sarma Pisupati’s “Residential Energy Consumption” is an interactive activity developed for his class on Energy and the Environment. This exercise takes you through the home room-by-room calculating energy usage, environmental impact and strategies for reducing… Continue Reading

10 Simple Steps for Healthy Indoor Air at Home

Are you concerned about indoor air hazards and the health of your family? Studies by the Environmental Protection Agency have shown air quality inside homes can be worse than outside. This concerns many families in an era when children spend up to 90% of their time indoors, and asthma and allergies are on the rise. Indoor levels… Continue Reading

“We loved working with Jonathan and his team at Eco-Three.” “They were prompt, professional, and genuinely passionate about educating and empowering homeowners on methods to reduce energy costs and create a safe, comfortable home. We’re so very grateful for all their generosity and hard work, and are looking forward to a future of lower utility bills!” –Laura… Continue Reading