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How to Find the Best Home Heating Contractor?  Look for BPI, NATE, RESNET Certifications

How to Find the Best Home Heating Contractor? Look for BPI, NATE, RESNET Certifications

It’s cold and your heating system needs repair. How do you find a contractor you can trust? Why not ask your neighbor, a friend, or relative, or the Better Business Bureau? That’s what most folks do. The advantage to hiring contractors based on referrals is a level of trust. It brings a level of confidence… Continue Reading

5 Simple Tips for Seasonal Home Heating Service

It’s fall in Alabama and many people are still running the air conditioner because of the mild weather, heat from cooking, and the need to control indoor humidity. But, it won’t be long until you need to flip the switch on the thermostat from “COOL” to “HEAT”. Here is some simple advice from the AlabamaWISE… Continue Reading

Modern Home Performance Technology Firmly Rooted in Historic Values of Family Owned Business HC Blake

AlabamaWISE is a community economic development effort to grow jobs in Home Performance contracting by raising community awareness of the innovative “whole-house” approach for home improvement, comfort and environmental health solutions. Home Performance is a technological innovation that uses building science to understand the complex “whole-house” interactions of the structure and mechanical systems. We visited… Continue Reading

Slide Show: Home Performance Pros Get Tested

All participating AlabamaWISE contractors receive special training in Building Science to evaluate homes as a system of related components. This systems approach to home performance is the only way to identify the most cost effective home improvements for comfort, indoor health and energy savings. Certifications from the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and RESNET are your… Continue Reading