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Interactive Home Energy Lesson

Penn State’s College of Earth and Mineral Science Open Educational Resources initiative offers educational resources for students and learner’s worldwide. Instructor Sarma Pisupati’s “Residential Energy Consumption” is an interactive activity developed for his class on Energy and the Environment. This exercise takes you through the home room-by-room calculating energy usage, environmental impact and strategies for reducingContinue Reading

Central Alabama Cooperative Rebates and Home Performance with Energy Star

The AlabamaWISE program is now available to help customers of Central Alabama Coop save energy while improving year-round comfort and healthy indoor environment with the Home Performance with Energy Star program. Home Performance with Energy Star is a whole-house approach to energy-related home improvements to optimize and balance the heating and cooling system with the building enclosure — windows, insulation,Continue Reading

Cut Home Energy Waste by $50 per Month at Age 50, Bank an Extra $17,343 by 75

National Public Radio graphed data from this paper (PDF) by Princeton economist Mark Aguiar and University of Chicago economist Erik Hurst. The report analyzes non-durable household expenses by age, highlighting home utility expenses and home ownership expenses as the biggest cost households face after about age fifty. This data identifies the utility expense as a key driverContinue Reading

Tips for Managing Indoor Humidity with Thermostat and Ventilation

Alabama is only a week into spring, but even mild humid weather often requires running the central air conditioning system long enough to remove excess humidity. We like the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat because it has a bright, easy to read touch screen that shows both temperature and humidity. You can’t manage what you don’tContinue Reading