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Spot Where Your Home is Wasting Energy with a Home Performance Assessment

Spot Where Your Home is Wasting Energy with a Home Performance Assessment

  Energy-saving home improvements from participating AlabamaWISE contractors start with a comprehensive home performance analysis. This professional home inspection of all energy-related components, by a certified Building Analyst, includes heating and cooling systems and the building enclosure. The completed report analyzes the relationships between the components as a system to identify which improvements offer the biggest impact… Continue Reading

Consumer Guide to BPI Home Energy Audits

Download the consumer guide to Building Performance Institute (BPI) comprehensive energy audit standards. AlabamaWISE prefers the term comprehensive home energy assessment to help clarify the in-depth nature of the comprehensive evaluation in contrast to a quick “walk-through” or “clipboard” audit, which are useful, but are not as detailed and do not include diagnostic testing. Lots… Continue Reading

Home Energy Assessment and Diagnostic Testing FAQs

What is it? A comprehensive home performance assessment is a road map to improved home comfort, significant energy savings, and a healthy indoor environment. How much does it cost? A quality home energy assessment by a certified building analyst will cost between $350 and $600. This is money well spent if you are considering a comprehensive home performance upgrade, which… Continue Reading