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Home Operation and Maintenance Lessons From a Cardboard Box (and a Building Science Expert)

Home Operation and Maintenance Lessons From a Cardboard Box (and a Building Science Expert)

Houses are complex systems that few home improvement contractors understand and John Tooley, a home performance expert, can prove it using a cardboard box. Tooley is a pioneer of diagnostic home analysis and makes thousands of dollars from homebuilders and trade contractors who don’t understand why the homes they build have problems. Serious problems. Comfort… Continue Reading

What is Home Performance with Energy Star? A Case Study

Judy Street used to have a problem. Her home electric bills were through the roof and she couldn’t figure out why her electric bills were sometimes over $500 per month. She turned to AlabamaWISE to find a home performance contractor and now she is saving hundreds of dollars on electric costs. “The bill we received… Continue Reading

Nexus Energy Center Announces Home Performance with Energy Star Partnership

Nexus Energy Center is now a certified Home Performance with Energy Star partner. This means AlabamaWISE and participating home performance contractors meet all requirements of this nationally recognized program to ensure quality home improvements that save energy and lower utility bills for Alabama households. Participating AlabamaWISE contractors work with homeowners from the initial whole-house assessment… Continue Reading

What Rebates and Financing are Available for Energy Star Home HVAC, Insulation, Windows?

Here’s how to buy energy-efficient central air conditioning, heating, insulation, windows to cut energy waste by 20% or more in north Alabama from certified contractors. AlabamaWISE is a program of the non-profit Nexus Energy Center and Alabama Dept. of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) to empower Alabama families to take control of high energy bills.… Continue Reading