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Guide to Heat Pumps, Auxiliary Heat and Dual Fuel HVAC for Alabama

Check out this excellent interactive guide about heat pumps and multi-stage furnaces from Trane. The heat pump guide will calculate how much auxiliary back-up heat from heat strips or a dual-fuel system is required for your selected location in Alabama. You can also learn more about heat pump balance point, energy efficiency, and humidity control, too.… Continue Reading

How to Manage Indoor Humidity Without a De-humidifier

High indoor humidity is a comfort problem that can soon cause an unhealthy indoor environment. According to the Florida Solar Energy Center, mold and mildew can form over just a few days when conditions are right. The best indoor relative humidity is 45% to 55%. Unfortunately, most heating and cooling systems are not designed to… Continue Reading

Home Heating Bills Spike as Temperatures Plunge Across Alabama

The Tennessee Valley Authority is asking consumers to reduce electric demand as arctic cold frosts Alabama, stretching the utility’s capacity to meet demand. They are asking homeowners to reduce indoor temperatures in homes with heat pump systems by setting thermostats to 68 degrees or less. A low 14 degrees was recorded Friday morning at Birmingham… Continue Reading