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Home Heating Bills Spike as Temperatures Plunge Across Alabama

The Tennessee Valley Authority is asking consumers to reduce electric demand as arctic cold frosts Alabama, stretching the utility’s capacity to meet demand. They are asking homeowners to reduce indoor temperatures in homes with heat pump systems by setting thermostats to 68 degrees or less. A low 14 degrees was recorded Friday morning at BirminghamContinue Reading

A Personal Robot Learns to Manage Home Heating, Air Conditioning, Thermostat

Why Google bought Nest Labs: The radical innovation with the Nest is not the programmable thermostat, but a learning robot.Continue Reading

Alabama Freeze Warning: Keep Home Warm and How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing

The National Weather Service in Huntsville has issued a cold weather advisory for north Alabama because of single digit temperatures and sub-zero wind-chill. Severe cold is dangerous for people, pets and homes. The best way to protect people and pets is to stay inside the home. Here is a guide to protecting your home fromContinue Reading

New Light Bulb Efficiency Standards Will Continue to Power Incandescents

Reports of the death of incandescent light bulbs have been greatly exaggerated. (With apology to Mark Twain) Federal regulations going into effect tomorrow, January 1, 2014, will require light bulbs to deliver the same amount of light using 30% less energy. Most manufacturers will meet the new rules by improving the efficiency of traditional incandescentContinue Reading