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Slideshow: Summer Thermal Inspection of Home Cooling Loss

Join AlabamaWISE Quality Inspector Jonathan Coulter of Advanced Energy as he identifies where a home loses energy during the summer cooling season. Darker blues are cool temperatures, red, yellow and white are warm temperatures as seen by a FLIR thermal imaging camera to spot where energy is wasted by homes and commercial buildings. Continue Reading

What is Home Performance and AlabamaWISE?

Home Performance is a systems-based approach to design and installation of a home’s mechanical equipment and thermal components that considers the whole house and relationship between individual components to maximize efficiency, comfort and health benefits while minimizing operational costs. The major components of the whole-house system are heating, cooling, ducts, ventilation, walls, windows, doors, attic, crawl space, basement, insulation… Continue Reading

AlabamaWISE Home Energy Efficiency Guide Edited by Brian Brainerd

AlabamaWISE is a home energy guide edited by Brian Brainerd for Nexus Energy Center. Inside your home lurk soil gasses, mold, carbon monoxide — all due to poor home performance. Just like your car, a home is a machine and it needs tune-ups and repairs to keep it safe and efficient. Indoor air quality has never been… Continue Reading