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New Light Bulb Efficiency Standards Will Continue to Power Incandescents

Reports of the death of incandescent light bulbs have been greatly exaggerated. (With apology to Mark Twain) Federal regulations going into effect tomorrow, January 1, 2014, will require light bulbs to deliver the same amount of light using 30% less energy. Most manufacturers will meet the new rules by improving the efficiency of traditional incandescent… Continue Reading

Case Study: Spend $463 for CFLs or buy $20,000 Solar PV?

Venture capitalist Elton Sherwin found a $20,000 solar PV system would generate a bit more power (400 KWH/month) than he could save (359KWH/month) by spending only $463 on CFLs for his home. View his personal journey to cut home energy waste by 20% with efficient light bulbs, smart strips and pool pump. [iframe src=”http://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/4022428″ width=”427″… Continue Reading

Easy Home Energy Savings with Efficient Lighting

Lighting offers one of the easiest, most affordable, energy efficiency options. Installing compact fluorescent bulbs are an energy investment that pays for itself quickly, then saves cash on energy bills every month. This guideline offers methods to greatly reduce lighting energy use through the application of high quality fluorescent and light emitting diode (LED) technologies. Continue Reading