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When Should I Replace HVAC Central Air Conditioning Unit?

National Renewable Energy Lab recently developed this flow chart as a decision tool for  replacing an existing central air conditioning system. If your current system was installed before 2006 or is less that 10 SEER, you will probably benefit from a replacement system. Participating AlabamaWISE contractors take a comprehensive approach to HVAC upgrades by evaluating… Continue Reading

Read This Before Buying Replacement Windows to Save Energy

In 2012 the Federal Trade Commission warned 14 replacement window manufacturers that energy savings claims must be backed by scientific evidence. (http://ftc.gov/opa/2012/08/windows.shtm)  Homeowners can receive a comprehensive report based on proven building science from participating AlabamaWISE contractors. They will identify energy saving home improvements prioritized by return on investment. Energy related home investments average 20%… Continue Reading

5 Expert Tips How to Get the Best Deal on Central Air Conditioner Replacement

Is your central air conditioner working as you expect? Does it keep you comfortable during the hot summer months? Are you considering a new central air conditioner for your home this summer? Making the wrong choice could cost you thousands in unnecessary electric bills over the life of your system.  Avoid buying based on the… Continue Reading