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Quick Start Home Performance Tool Answers Home Improvement Questions

Start any home improvement with this interactive tool to identify critical measures that improve home comfort, indoor environment and energy savings. AlabamaWISE building analysts are certified specialists in comprehensive home evaluations based on performance testing and a systems approach to identify which improvements are most cost-effective. Find qualified AlabamaWISE contractors for your project.

HEAT Mapping Neighborhood Home Energy Waste with Aerial Thermal Imaging and GIS

A team from the University of Calgary has developed a GIS system to map waste heat emitted from homes to help identify neighborhoods that will benefit most from home improvements to save energy. The data is being made publicly available through an online geographic information system to influence community values about energy conservation. So, whoContinue Reading

Spot Where Your Home is Wasting Energy with a Home Performance Assessment

  Energy-saving home improvements from participating AlabamaWISE contractors start with a comprehensive home performance analysis. This professional home inspection of all energy-related components, by a certified Building Analyst, includes heating and cooling systems and the building enclosure. The completed report analyzes the relationships between the components as a system to identify which improvements offer the biggest impactContinue Reading

Championship Home Performance Playbook for Alabama and Auburn Fans and the Few Who are Not

In 2006, Home Depot painted the home of Eric and Jen Harrell of Alabaster, Ala., half Auburn orange and blue, and half Alabama crimson and white for the House Divided contest. Alabama families have a tradition of pride in their homes and their football teams. Sometimes demonstrating pride right from the curb. And, when we can’tContinue Reading