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Where Can You Save with Energy Star at Home?

Check out this cool interactive tour with Energy Star @ Home to learn where your home wastes energy and money. Optimizing your home energy use improves indoor environmental quality too.    

Read This Before Buying Replacement Windows to Save Energy

In 2012 the Federal Trade Commission warned 14 replacement window manufacturers that energy savings claims must be backed by scientific evidence. (  Homeowners can receive a comprehensive report based on proven building science from participating AlabamaWISE contractors. They will identify energy saving home improvements prioritized by return on investment. Energy related home investments average 20%Continue Reading

Window Replacement Consumer Guide

There is a significant push for energy performance upgrades to existing homes. An important target is often the windows. Old single-glazed windows have such low thermal resistance that their effect on the overall thermal resistance of the walls can be staggering. Improving the performance of the window stock is therefore central to the goal ofContinue Reading